AMAZONIA CAFÉ – STEP IN: a shop, a café, a fresh bar, a vegetarian bistro, a club and a place where our traditions meet, the quality ingrediencies and the wisdom of the Amazon with our modern reality.

Come for a meal at any time of the day. We will prepare your coffee as a classic or spiced according to your courage. You can find many other goods and goodies in the café and shop, but mostly healthy ones.


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Enter and welcome. What you can find here:

  • AMAZONIA CAFÉ – cosy café with traditional coffee and Amazon specialties
  • fruit and vegetable fresh juices with Amazonian and traditional Czech flavours
  • Shop and other goods mainly from the Czech Republic and South America
  • Amazonian Wayusa to taste and buy
  • Amazonian cacao and local cacao experiences
  • workshops, lectures, private events, celebrations
  • small music production
  • examples of lighting from precious stones

Those who are afraid may not go to the Amazon. We were there! We have had a lot of inspiration and courage to go, and to create this project.


What to look forward to:

Excellent fresh fruit and / or vegetable juices from seasonal ingredients (we will also manage in the winter :)) that we mix according to your taste and add superfoods from Amazonia.


Plantain is a green vegetable banana, the basic food of many regions of the world for its high nutritional value.

Plantain chips:

  • are produced without chemicals and preservatives
  • fried on local oil from palm oil grown together with banana trees
  • traditional appetizer for fish, appetizer, alternative bakery, snack.
  • sweet flavour is available thanks to full ripening, without sweeteners.
  • salty variant is picked before full ripening on salted
  • unwanted acrylamide content due to frying is low: 61 μg / kg, ca.
    Which is 15 times less than usual potato chips.
KAKAO - Theobroma cacao
  • the active ingredient of cacao is theobromine, caffeine like substance which stimulates the nervous system and supports the cardiovascular system
  •       cacao is a source of magnesium, chromium, iron, calcium, manganese, zinc, and copper. All ingredients necessary for healthy metabolism
  •      raw cacao contains a very high concentration of antioxidants
  •      it is not suggested for conditions of inflammatory arthritis

Our cacao comes from the Amazon. We import a rare species of Criollo from the Peruvian part of amazon, which is a type well recognized for its taste, aroma and nutritional properties. It represents only 1% of world cacao production, because it is less profitable to grow, than cacao species obtained by hybridization which supplies the chocolate industry.

We also supply traditional old cacao species from the Ecuadorian Amazon, this cacao is prepared for us by the native Indians of the amazon.

  • Wayusa are dried and hand-processed leaves of the Wayusa tree (remote relative of the Yerba Maté)
  • Wayusa is an amazons energy drink suitable for all-day sipping
  • A cup of Wayusa contains slightly less caffeine than a cup of coffee and twice as many antioxidants as green tea
  • The regular drinking of the Wayusa generally adds vigour to life
  • Indians traditionally use it to promote reproductive health and appreciate its aphrodisiacal effects (and have a lot of children)
  • Wayusa pleasantly affects the stomach, kidneys and urinary tract and it is simply great to support the overall health of a person

The collection of Wayus leaves is one of the few activities, that are completely friendly to the Amazon, and allows Indians to obtain the resources needed to cope with the growing demands of the surrounding civilization.

  • „superfood“ means a food-resource which is excellent for meeting our nutritional needs
  •      it testifies to the relation between man and nature
  •      Studying superfoods, with their history and ecosystems, is good for evolution of the relationships we have with what which feeds us.

Sol Semilla has been a major supplier of superfoods in France after more than 20 years. The French have very demanding requirements on superfoods, which is also a sign of quality for us. We are the exclusive supplier of Sol Semilla products to the Czech Republic.

Sol Semilla products you can find in stepin:

Cacao beans raw, raw Cacao powder, cacao butter, acai, urucum, aguaymanto (fizális, peruvian mochyne), maca, lucuma, carob, spirulina, chlorella, klamath.

If you desire, please contact us by e-mail or FB below.

EET - El. Evidence Tužeb

Tel: (+420) 777 143 804

E-mail: stepin@stepin.shop

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Contact information

You can enter STEP IN at Italská 1223/20 Prague 2.

We are open:
Monday to Friday form 10:00 – 22:00

Sat: By previous agreement + private events
Sun:  By previous agreement + private events